because our voices speak love

i can only sing with you and for you only

a woohyun & sunggyu community
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Welcome to Woogyu; a livejournal community dedicated to the relationship between the main vocals of KPop group INFINITE; Nam Woohyun and Kim Sunggyu.

  • Keep your posts on topic. Fanwork that doesn't revolve around Woogyu but includes them is acceptable.
  • Any fanart is allowed as long as you have the permission to post and give credit to the artist.
  • Any kind of bashing is strictly forbidden.
  • Tag your entries.
  • Do not change the default font and font color.
  • All entries containing large images and/or more than one image must be placed behind an lj-cut, except for a maximum of 3 thumbnails for fanart/graphics.
  • Adult contains must be locked. Entries that link to your personal journal, however, must remain public within the time range of 72 hours before they are locked.
  • Please obtain permission first before posting an advertisement. If you want to affiliate, comment here .
  • Don't hesitate to contact napookie for inquiries.
  • Be nice. And have fun! c: